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Our Famous Mini Sheds

Delivery and install of Mini Storage’s and Utility Carports are free. Our crews are licensed and insured. They are also factory trained to insure proper building installation and quality. Call us today to order your building asap!

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As these are designed to sit on almost any surface a cement pad is not necessary. These are very easy to level. They are really stable once placed. These are built on site. We have mobile home anchors to attach them to the ground as to not become your neighbors shed, we can also anchor to asphalt or concrete.


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Horizontal Side Entry Mini Storage

Sizing starts at 12' X 21' X 6' and goes up to 30' X 30' x 16'. Call now to customize your structure.

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Loafing Shed

Sizes vary starts at 12' x 12' x 8/6'. Call now to customize your structure.

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Vertical Mini Storage

Sizing starts at 10' X 12' X 7' and goes up to 12' X 16' X 7'. Call now to customize your structure.

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Regular Rounded Mini Storage

Sizing starts at 10' X 12' X 7' and goes up to 12' X 16' X 7'. Call now to customize your structure.

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Regular Rounded-Style Garage

Sizing starts at 12' X 21' X 8'. Call now to customize your structure.

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Horizontal Garage

Sizing starts at 12' X 21' X 8' and goes up to 30x30x16'. Call now to customize your structure.

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Horizontal or Vertical roof and sides
Our sheds come with either Horizontal or Vertical roofing and siding. Horizontal panels run the length of the building. Vertical panels run up and down the pitch. If you live in an area with snow or excessive rain Vertical is recommended. Any unit over 30′ in length is definitely recommended to use vertical roofing to prevent leakage.
We can make your building in custom sizes, heights, length, width etc. We cannot make buildings so they don’t follow engineering codes. Everything we do is engineer certified. In certain areas we also do non certified.
Full Galvanization
All our buildings are galvanized for rust and corrosion prevention. This is very important especially in areas where snow is treated with salt. Also areas near the coast because of salt air.
Our crews are licensed and insured.
In order to protect our customers as well as ourselves all our installers are licensed and insured. They are also factory trained for competency and skill.
Plans are available
We can provide building plans for your buildings. It makes the process much easier to obtain proper permitting. In a few States they are mandatory. In most others its up to the customers discretion. Terrapin Steel is not responsible for obtaining permits that is the buyers responsibility.
Free quote or estimations.
You can call us for a free quote or estimate between 8am to 5pm Mon. – Fri. We will be glad to help you make an educated decision about what your storage needs are. We do not come out to anyone’s property to do quotes only installations! CALL US AT (602)300-4743 OR (530)966-0454 Better sooner than later!
How long does it take to install a shed? Am I responsible for installing it myself?
Individually installed per site, we aim to have the shortest building time versus our competitors. It takes our professionally trained crew 1-3 days to install a shed (depending on size & customization.) Our free delivery and install program releases you from installing it yourself.
How should I prepare my space for a mini shed?
Each surface for a metal building must be dirt, cement or asphalt.
What are the three roof styles of the mini shed?
We aim to make sure your roof not only fits your individual preference but also your local weather conditions. Depending on the need for doors, windows and insulation you will need to choose from three roofing styles.  

Regular Roof Style has horizontal panels with rounded corners and no trim. A regular roof style resembles the design of a barn. Although this is the most cost effective route, it may not be ideal for every location.  

Horizontal Metal Roof panels run the length of the building whereas Vertical roof panels run up and down the building. If you live in an area with snow or excessive rain, the Vertical roof is more highly recommended. Vertical roofing allows for sliding and are overall stronger.
How do I purchase a mini shed from Terrapin?
If you are ready to purchase a structure from Terrapin Steel Buildings, Please call (602) 300-4743 so we may discuss your needs and customize a structure specifically for you!  

We will discuss with you exactly what you will be receiving for the prices and taxes you will be charged as well as go over the terms and conditions. Our loyalty to the customer and elite team will work with you to get you the structure of your dreams.
No Compromise On Quality

Customizable and Sturdy, Steel Buildings are built on a concrete, asphalt, dirt or gravel foundation. All buildings are manufactured with high-quality American steel. They are highly customizable, long-lasting and after preparation are any easy and trustworthy install. Some advantages include:

  • No Maintenance
  • No Risk for Mold or Water Damage
  • Cost Solution
  • Faster Building Process
  • Anchored to the Ground
  • Organization and Storage Solution
  • Out of the Sun, Rain and Snow
  • Protects Belongings
  • Security
  • Locking Doors
High Performance

We service in most parts of 39 different states in the United States. Our structures are built by a qualified team of crew members that are all factory trained, licensed and insured. Terrapin buildings also come with a 20 year manufacturers warranty when the frame is upgraded to 12 gauge steel.

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"We purchased a large shop from Terrapin Steel Buildings. It has been the best thing we have ever done for our farm. No longer do our tractors and Equipment sit out in the rain and get beaten by the sun shortening their life and value. It's also a great place to do maintenance on them out of the heat. John gave us great suggestions and was not pushy at all. Great service. Thank you so much!"

Jerome Slagle (Anderson, Ca.)

"We called John at Terrapin not having a clue as to what we really needed. After a few questions he determined we needed a loafing shed and a mini storage to shelter our horses and tack. The investment was small compared to the value we gained. John was not pushy like some of the other companies we called. In fact he told us to take our time and think it over. When does that ever happen anymore? Definitely recommend this company. Awesome is an understatement."

W. Smith (Waco, Tx.)

"We bought a Garage, Carport and Storage Shed. They were installed about 6 weeks later and were without a doubt one of the best purchases we've ever made."

Joe Longmeire (Caldwell, Idaho)

I shopped around and just couldn't find a better warranty for the price point. John, made it really easy. Thinking about buying another structure for my mom's property.

Tom Danowksi (Portland, Oregon)