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Are Carports Worth It?

No matter where you live, you’ll want your car to be protected. However, it’s possible you don’t have enough room for a garage, but you a carport would work great. Do carports protect cars? Yes, from rain, leaves, snow, and sun rays damaging their paint. Not bad, right? This leads us to another question; how much are carports? Unfortunately, they can cost several thousand dollars. So…are carports worth it?

Truth is that if you live in a place subject to sudden weather changes, carports are worth it. People consider there’s a benefit in the long run, as natural debris and weather patterns can cause wear and tear on your vehicle. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth if you can pay them off over a few years. Does adding a carport increase home value resale price? Yes, this is another reason to consider it an investment. What do you think so far? Are carports worth it?

Are Carports Worth It?
Are Carports Worth It?

Why Should You Consider Getting a Carport?

– Protect your car: A carport is the next best thing to keep your cars safe from damage if you don’t have enough garage space.

– Add Shade: In summer it can be a great spot for a picnic table, an outdoor gym or kids play area.

– Carports might increase your home’s value: How much value does a carport add to a house? It depends on its type and location, but a carport can add value to your home.

How Much Is a Carport?

The main factors that affect carport costs are:

– Dimensions

– Durability

– Frame and canopy material

Their price varies from a couple of hundred dollars to several hundred dollars; however, the average cost is under $6000. Preparing the concrete slab where it sits on can increase this amount.

Most carports are made of steel or aluminum, and you’ll find heavier gauge steel in the frame and more-resistant materials on the canopy as the price increases. Lower-quality materials in inexpensive carports make them last just a few seasons.

Carports Under $500

Some carports start as low as $200, but between $200 and $500, they’re more like canopies. The cheapest carports are not intended for high winds or snow and usually have only a one-year warranty.

Carports Under $1000

Generally, you’ll get better fabric coverings if the price is between $500 and $1000, and carports rated for snow and higher winds. Closer to the $1000 price point, you’ll find permanent carports designed to be mounted into concrete slabs, which are more durable and offer more protection than less expensive models. However, if you’re looking for something permanent, keep reading to find excellent carports that will last decades.

Best Carport Overall

You can find first-class carports in different widths (10’, 12’ or 20’) and lengths ranging from 20’ all the way up to 100’ long. With a 2” all-steel frame and 29-gauge galvanized steel roof, some carports resist a snow load of 35 PSF and wind up to 100mph (Category 2 hurricane). Despite these carports are above $2000, they have a 10-year warranty. Are carports worth it? Well, as long they last several years, they do.

Best Carport Overall
Best Carport Overall

Potential Carport Problems

– Condensation: Make sure there’s enough air circulation to avoid condensation; which can make wooden carports develop mold and metal carports rust.

– Leaks: If they weren’t installed correctly or the roof panels get damaged, they can develop leaks.

– Not enough space: Before buying it, mark the dimensions of your carport to realize all the amount of space it’ll take and avoid unpleasant surprises.

– Building Code or HOA’s: Before purchasing your carport, check with your local building codes or your Homeowner’s Association (HOA), just to make sure carports aren’t banned in your municipality or community. Keep in mind there’s also a chance your neighbors could complain if it’s blocking the view.

– Removing a carport is difficult: Removing them isn’t easy, as most carports are built on a gravel or concrete slab.


Are carports worth it? They definitely are if your cars are left outside, exposed to nature. Your vehicle can easily be damaged by sunshine, birds, snow, trees, rain, and heat. Carports are worth taking a look at, whether you need a temporary or permanent solution.

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